Lifesaving Heart Monitoring & Attack Prediction StartUp

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Problems We Are Solving

" Every 37 seconds, a person dies of cardiovascular disease..."

Main Reason of Death

From %25 to almost %50 (depending on the region) of all deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases (heart attack + stroke). This percentage has ongoing trend due to a general aging of the population. Seniors are in the risk group.

Victims Could Survive

1 out of every 5 heart attacks is silent. The damage is done, but the victim, families, and friends are unaware of a problem. Cardiovascular disease requires early detection, counseling, and appropriate medicines.

$219 Billion Annually

The United States alone spends approximately $219 billion each year on cardiovascular disease. These expenses include the cost of health care services, the cost of medicines, and lost productivity due to death.

How It Works

We believe synergy of our neural network, algorithms, mobile application, together with simple trackers (smart watch or fitness band) should:

  •  Track a user’s heart rate in everyday life
  •  Alert user in case of unnormal heart activity
  •  Assist relatives and friends in caring and tendance
  •  Provide the user’s doctor with a record of daily heart activities

CareMe Mobile App

All you need is a smartphone and Bluetooth wearable device


CareMe app supports all Bluetooth devices for fitness tracking and healthcare.


According to data collected by the app, users can get allerts, forecasts and recommendations.


CareMe can provide a remote monitoring and alerts for users, their relatives and doctors.

Chat bot

asks users about their current activity and well-being in case of unnormal heart rate detection.


Customizable reports can be generated and shared for any data, time frames, etc. 


Simple and intuitive interface will be easy-to-use for any audience (especially for seniors). 


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Our team

Maxim Mihutski

CEO, Co-founder

  •  Ex CTO at No1 IT Supplier in the region
  •  Top manager at global IT companies
  •  Successful entrepreneurship experience
  • Wlad Gramovicz

    CMO, Co-founder

  •  Top manager at IT companies (15+ years)
  •  Executive MBA LBS/WUT BS (2017)
  •  Successful exit from 2 startups (2014, 2020)
  • MD PhD Conultant

    Secret Consultant

    In CareMe project one of the main roles is played by MD PhD Consultant who is under the NDA. Clinical experience and sample data.

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